Sun Wet Surfactant – Best Postemergence Weed Control with Herbicides

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one white gallon of sun wet surfactant

Sun Wet Surfactant – Best Postemergence Weed Control with Herbicides

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one white gallon of sun wet surfactant

Weeds are plants that have undesirable qualities that outweigh the good qualities, especially during the warm season. Since the beginning of human civilization, mankind has always sought to manipulate nature for his own purposes. Consequently, some plant species were controlled, or simply disappeared, while some species became problematic with a tendency to dominate. 

Why should we care about weeds?

We created the weed problem because of our basic need to survive; in nature, there are no types of weeds. Therefore, we must manage weeds to prevent them from dominating the habitat. Weeds are competitive, persistent, pernicious, and interfere negatively with human activities.

What if we did nothing?

Let’s use corn and soybean as examples. The United States is the major producer of corn and soybean in the world.  According to scientists at Kansas State University, if weeds were allowed to grow with no control measures applied, there would be a 50% reduction in corn and soybean yield which would result in a $43 billion annual economic loss. 

collage images of weedy corn field - sun wet surfactant weed control

Okay, we MUST control weeds; How?  

The initial attempt to control weeds is done prior to weed emergence(or preemergence). This can be by using physical, mechanical, biological, or chemical methods aimed at slowing down the onset of weeds and giving the desired plants or crop a ‘head-start’. With the head-start, the desired plants or crops become established and will be highly productive if additional weed control measures are used later. The additional weed control measures can be physical, mechanical, biological, or chemical. The most used method that is economically efficient is chemical weed control.

Postemergence Products For weed control

Postemergence weed control products with herbicides are the most efficient weed management tool we have today, but it comes with a few challenges that must be addressed if the desired outcome is to be achieved. In other words, you may have the right herbicide to control your weed problem but factors beyond your control may compromise the efficacy of control. Let’s look at some examples.

  • Weed development stage

Generally, young plants are much easier to control with herbicide than are older plants. At the time of spraying a herbicide, it is rare that weeds will be at the same size and age which means there will be a range of susceptibility that translates to control.

  • Environmental conditions

Herbicides work best when environmental conditions (wind speed, temperature, and humidity) allow the pesticide to reach the target, spread and be retained for maximum uptake and control. However, environmental conditions usually vary throughout the day and weed control treatments must be administered with that in mind. 

Product Highlight

Sun Wet

Now that we’ve covered the basics of postemergence weed control, let’s discuss How Brewer’s Sun Wet product is used in application. Sun Wet is commonly used across the United States in aquatics, fishery, agriculture, forestry, and industrial spraying and is one of Brewer International’s most widely used adjuvants.

Recommended Steps in Weed Control Using Herbicide and Sun Wet Surfactant

Step 1: Identify the spectrum of weed species that you want to control.

Step 2: Determine the best herbicide(s) that will control your weed spectrum. Read the label instructions which outline the weed species that the herbicide can control. In addition, the label will have instructions that will help you optimize weed control.

Step 3: Select an adjuvant that will help you optimize control of your weed spectrum.  Keep in mind the factors that typically must be addressed in weed control which include weed developmental stage and environmental conditions.

one white gallon of sun wet surfactant

Why use Sun Wet surfactant?

  • Sun Wet is an activator adjuvant that can enhance the biological activity of an herbicide. 
    • Though herbicides can enter and kill a weed, depending on their active ingredient formulation, when an activator adjuvant is added, it helps the herbicide to enter the weed more readily. By including Sun Wet in your herbicide spray, you will have increased absorption and penetration rates, allowing for better weed control.
  • Sun Wet is a nonionic spray adjuvant that enhances the activity of the herbicide. 
    • Nonionic surfactants are chemically inactive and mix well with most herbicides to improve control.
  • Sun Wet is a 100% blend of methylated seed oil and emulsifier. 
    • Manufactured with a vegetable-based oil that has been chemically altered by attaching methanol units to the oil. Attaching methanol units alters the water-oil affinity relationship which apparently increases herbicide absorption or uptake.
    • Provides better control of weeds that are under environmental stress than other surfactants.
  • Sun Wet is designed to enhance the performance of post emergent herbicides through wetting and penetration.
    • Helps the pesticide spread, adequately cover the weed leaf, and overcome barriers such as waxy and hairy leaf surfaces. 
    • Helps reduce the surface tension between the spray droplet and target surface. This allows the spray droplet to spread across the weed’s leaf surface and increases the contact area for better absorption and weed control. 

Benefits of using Sun Wet surfactant

  • Rapid penetration of herbicide into plant leaf tissue.
  • More efficient than other nonionic surfactants.
  • Spray droplets remain oily longer and do not dry up.
  • Spreads herbicides quickly and evenly over the leaf surface.
  • Eliminates the need for additional additives to improve herbicide function.
  • Quickly dissolves cuticle waxes for improved control of larger weeds.
  • Allows for more efficient herbicide absorption, providing consistency over a wide range of environmental conditions, especially under high temperature and low humidity.
  • Resists evaporation during application and while on plant leaf surface, lengthening the time for penetration under extreme heat and low humidity.

A cautionary note when using Sun Wet

  • To achieve the best weed control with minimum risk to the crop, make sure you read the herbicide label and follow all recommended instructions.


In use for several decades, Sun Wet is used by applicators across the country in a variety of ways. Brewer International customers trust our dedication to quality ingredients, tried, and true formulas, and positive outcomes.


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