Customer Success Team

Jesse Cruz


An experienced executive and entrepreneur, Jesse leads the charge on customer success and growth.

Eliot Cruz

Vice President & General Manager

With decades of successful leadership experience, Eliot actively runs the day to day operations at Brewer International.

Nancy Healy

Account Director

Successfully working with distribution partners for over 25 years, Nancy expertly supports customers and partners at every level.

Cheryl Saunders

Office & Logistics Manager

For over 13 years Cheryl has helped build our reputation for on-time, quality order fulfillment, and kept our small office running smoothly.

Linda Brewer

Board Member

Steve’s life and business partner, Linda exceptionally served Brewer as office manager and beloved support to all of her employees. She now serves as a board member and advisor.

Jim Brewer

Board Member

Since 1981, co-founder of Brewer International, former Forester, and avid nature enthusiast, Jim co-led the growth of Brewer over nearly four decades. He now serves as a board member and advisor.