About Us

Brewer International is an aquatic and land management adjuvant manufacturer serving distributors nationally. Calling Vero Beach, Florida home for over 40 years Brewer manufactures a variety of surfactants for pesticide penetration and wetting, bonding, and drift control. Aquatics and land managers nationwide use our products to improve pesticide uptake, thereby increasing efficacy and reducing the chemical footprint in the natural environments they serve. A family business for over 4 decades, Brewer International continues to invest in product development and manufacturing innovation to serve its distribution partners with only the best value, highest-quality products available.

The Brewer Story

Origins as J&B Associates

Man smiling at J & B Associates - Brewer International Adjuvant Manufacturer

1977 Paul Brewer founded J&B Associates in Miami, FL selling a new non-corrosive, biodegradable industrial cleaner F239.

Steve Joins the Family Business, and Renames the Company

picture of Steve after naming the company - Brewer International Adjuvant Manufacturer

1978 Paul's eldest son Steve Brewer joins the family business.

Move up the Coast

JLB Office in Miami

1979 J&B Associates is rebranded as JLB International Chemical and moves from Miami to Vero Beach, FL.

Innovation with D'Limonene in Aquatics

Peeled citrus - Brewer International Adjuvant Manufacturer

1980 Bringing a new and innovative citrus peel oil surfactant to the aquatics market.

Jim Joins The Family Business

Man standing and smiling at the office - Brewer International Adjuvant Manufacturer

1981 Jim Brewer joins Paul and Steve while successfully launching Cide-Kick to the aquatics market.

Founder Retires

Picture Steve,Jim,Paul in a blue pond - Brewer International Adjuvant Manufacturer

1989 Founder Paul Brewer retires and his sons succeed him as co-owners of JLB

Brewer International Launched

two man smiling and standing near the door office of brewer international - adjuvant manufacturer

1992 Jim and Steve relaunch company as Brewer International

Expansion and High Growth

a landmark of brewer location and a man standing in office beside picture - adjuvant manufacturer

2000 After taking over Brewer International in 1989, Jim and Steve doubled revenue, expanded manufacturing facilities and tripled the number of employees.


man driving a yacht and wearing a yellow long sleeve - adjuvant manufacturer

2013 In 2013, Jim Brewer retires to enjoy all that the Treasure Coast has to offer. However, even today, Jim provides advice when called upon.

Honoring Steve Brewer

one of the owner of brewer, an old man smiling and wearing a formal attire - adjuvant manufacturer

2020 The Brewer family and business support and celebrate Steve as he loses a quickly-progressing battle with kidney cancer. In Memorium.

New Beginnings with Familiar Faces

family owner of brewer, an old woman and man and a couple with two kids smiling - adjuvant manufacturer

2020 Present Day: Jesse Cruz and Steve's surviving daughter Jessica move home to take over the family business.

In memoriam

Steve moved to Vero Beach in 1980 and called it home ever since. Steve and his brother Jim proudly took over their father’s business, Brewer International in 1990 (founded by Paul Brewer 1977) and grew it to be a successful business. Steve was a loving and loyal friend and will be missed by many.