How does flooding impact weed management?

The frequency of heavy precipitation in the US has increased over the past few years and is projected to continue increasing for the unforeseeable future. In fact, ‘torrential rain’, ‘downpour’, and‘flash flood’ are common terms used in weather alerts that help the public prepare for potential flooding. For farmers, the threat of flooding is unwelcome […]

How Does DroughtAffect Vegetation Management?

A drought is atemporary reduction in water or moisture below the expected or normal amounts for some time. A drought can be short, lasting a few weeks to one or two months, or long, lasting for years.The occurrence of drought has become common today as we witness incidences of severe weather events related to global […]

Adjuvants 101: Agricultural Surfactants Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Agricultural surfactants are chemical products that are commonly used today to improve performance, yet 70 years ago they were hardly mentioned. A surfactant, orSURFace ACTing AgeNT, is a type of adjuvant that is designed to improve the dispersing/emulsifying, absorbing, spreading, wetting, sticking, and penetrating properties of a pesticide spray mixture. An adjuvant is an ingredient […]

How Does Water Quality Affect Pesticide Effectiveness?

When the application of a pesticide fails to deliver the desired control of a pest, the immediate thoughts are that something is wrong with the pesticide or there is pesticide resistance. However, the cause may be due to a different reason, water quality. Water is the most common ingredient in pesticide applications. Water is an […]

Why is Vegetation Management in Rights of Way Important?

Every year during the summer months, there is a major battle going on everywhere that plants grow. That battle is simply referred to as vegetation management. Vegetation management is waged by a variety of personnel, ranging from homeowners trying to get rid of unwanted vegetation to forest rangers attempting to limit the vegetation that provides […]

How to Prevent Fish Kills in Ponds

Fishing is an important part of human culture whether it be for food or recreation. There is always some fishing going on somewhere in the country every day of the year, regardless of the weather. Encountering dead fish floating around in a pond, or fish kill would no doubt cause concern. What is fish kill? […]