Late-Season Aquatic Vegetation Management

Aquatic vegetation consists of plants that grow in or around water and is a natural part of lake and pond ecosystems. Aquatic vegetation can be found in every lake and pond and there is plenty of good as well as bad that can happen with it. Contribution of aquatic vegetation to the environment Aquatic vegetation […]

Getting Ready to do Battle with the Soil Seedbank

As the fall season gets into full swing and winter approaches, the soil seedbank is receiving fresh deposits from plants that are dying or going into dormancy as. This yearly event happens without fail and creates challenges, sometimes nightmares, for many. In agriculture, the fresh supply of weed seeds replenishes the soil seedbank, a process […]

Cleaning Irrigation Systems Properly

At the end of the growing season crops are harvested and some of the farming equipment is stored. Tractors, harvesting equipment, sprayers, and tillage equipment is hauled into sheds for winter. While in storage, these pieces of equipment get maintenance checks to fix one thing or another in preparation for the next growing season. However, […]

Best Weed Management Strategies for Turfgrass

Many areas with turfgrass, from home lawns to sports fields to golf courses, have one common aspect they share the occurrence of weeds. Whether it is dandelion on a home lawn or goosegrass on a golf course green, their mere presence is aesthetically displeasing leading to the adoption of control measures. Control of weeds is […]