Surfactant pH with Nitrogen

Nonionic buffering and conditioning agent which contains nitrogen to enhance the uptake of herbicides. Will lower pH.


Nonionic 100% hydrocarbon constituents plus emulsifiers make up this invert oil used for drift control, penetrating, and sticking.


A quality blend of methylated seed oil, organosilicon, and emulsifiers.

Sun Control

Unique 97% nonionic blend of methyl seed oil, polymers, wetting, and buffering agents.


Nonionic 99% active organosilicon wetting and penetrating agents. Effective at low rates.


Combination of Silenergy and Cide-Kick. Wetting and penetrating agent with a unique citrus limonene scent.

Cide-Kick II Methylated

Cide-Kick II M is a non-ionic sticker, penetrant, wetter, and surfactant all in one product. It helps break down the waxy cuticle on the leaf of plants as well as helps to penetrate the bud and bark area allowing for better uptake of the herbicide into the plant.