Adjuvants 101: Nonionic Surfactants

Managers of land and aquatic systems have something in common. That is, they must manage vegetation at some point during the year. Perhaps it is weedy plants in crops, unwanted plants in lakes or ponds, invasive plants on rangelands, or unwanted vegetation in forest undergrowth. For each of these instances, control of plants is the […]

What is Methylated Seed Oil and How Does it Work?

The control of weedy and invasive plants is a battle that is fought by many managers of terrestrial and aquatic habitats. This battle must be waged to prevent the proliferation and establishment of weedy and invasive plants that lower the potential of a variety of habitats. In addition, uncontrolled weedy and invasive plants can impact […]

How to Effectively Control Algae Growth in Ponds

A common occurrence in many ponds across most of the United States during the summer months is the growth of algae. Algae growth gives water bodies a green appearance which, when closely examined turns out to be mats of plants floating on the surface of the water. Often referred to as ‘scum’, the growth of […]

How to Successfully Control Aquatic Weeds in Lakes and Ponds

One of the most challenging tasks in managing lakes and ponds is the control of unwanted vegetation. Each year in spring and into summer, vegetation management will be the most important task for anyone managing lakes and ponds. Summer is also when recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, and boating take place on lakes and […]

Aquatic Herbicides and Surfactants: What they are and how they are used

Freshwater ecosystems are a vital resource for all forms of life on Earth. Consisting of lakes ponds, rivers, streams, springs, bogs, and wetlands, freshwater ecosystems provide essential resources that allow plant and animal species to thrive. Therefore, we must protect freshwater ecosystems at all costs from possible threats. One major threat is weedy and invasive […]

Postemergence Spraying and Tips for Application

Postemergance Spraying

Weed control is a routine task undertaken by almost everyone who manages land where plants are growing. From the homeowner who battles weeds in a lawn, a farmer who must control weeds in crops, to land and water managers who must confront a variety of vegetation management scenarios. To all of these individuals, postemergence spraying […]

What are Defoamers and Antifoam Agents and How are They Used?

Defoamers and Antifoam Agents and How are They Used

Foam is simply described as air bubbles trapped in a liquid or solid. In most cases, foam is seen as something positive. For example, whenever you use soap to wash your hands, the formation of foam is pleasing. In fact, you assume that because of the foam, your hands will be clean after you finish […]

Chemical Weed Control

Chemical Weed Control

In the 1940s, chemical weed control emerged as the most efficient method to ensure that food production kept pace with population growth. In fact, it is believed that the development of chemical weed killers, or herbicides, helped revolutionize agriculture.  A widely accepted notion is that in the absence of chemical weed control, mankind would need […]

Best Water Conditioners for Irrigation/Agricultural Use


It goes without say that water is vital for all life on earth. The percentage of water a plant needs depends on the species of plant, how much light the plant gets, and age of the plant. It ranges from 90 – 95%. Similarly, water is essential for sustaining the lives of animals. The percentage […]

Staying a Step ahead of the Soil Seedbank

Staying a Step ahead of the Soil Seedbank

Every year, farmers, gardeners, and land managers do battle with a bank like no other. The soil seed bank. In fact, this battle is waged constantly throughout the year to ensure that desirable plants prevail, and those plants (weeds) that are the primary combatants in this battle fail. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s […]