UsingSurfactants to Improve Disease Control

There are over 50,000 destructive diseasesthat affect the growth of their respective plant species.  As agriculture struggles to support the rapidly growing global population, plant disease reduces the production and quality of food, fiber, and biofuel crops. To ensure the safety of our food, fiber, and biofuel supply plant diseases must be controlled. The most […]

Staying a Step Ahead of Invasive Weeds in Pasture

About 27% of the US (528 million acres) is designated as pasture, which is land that provides forage for grazing livestock.  The vegetation in pastures consists of grasses, legumes, forb, and shrubs which usually grow in mixtures. The importance of pasture Forage for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and other domestic livestock. Many […]

Postemergence Weed Control on Golf Courses

One of the most challenging problems for a golf course manager is keeping weeds out. Regardless of the region or seasonin the US, a major priority for every golf course manager is to make sure that weeds do not take over a golf course.                       […]

Insect Control in Citrus

Every crop has insects that it evolves or coexists with, and citrus plants are no different. There are numerous insects of citrus that are harmless, some are beneficial while some are harmful. The harmful insects garner the most attention because if they are not managed they can devastate the citrus industry. Insects can infest flowers, […]