Reducing Pesticide Spray Drift: 5 Key Aspects

Each spring ushers in new plant growth, some of which we like and some we don’t. Obviously, the plants we don’t like we try to remove using the best available tools at our disposal. Most likely, a herbicide will be applied to control the unwanted plants. Whether it is a homeowner applying herbicides to their […]

The Importance and Benefits of Preventative Weed Control

For most of us, disease prevention is a no brainer. Whether it’s getting a vaccine to prevent a serious disease or taking medicine that helps the body prevent illnesses, prevention is preferred to having to deal with illness. Can the same logic be applied to preventative weed control? In a perfect world, crop production managers […]

Basal Bark Treatment: What is it and how is it used?

The spring season ushers in new growth, someof it good and others not so good. The good: Trees are lush with leaves, lawns grow, and April showers bring forth May flowers. How beautiful it is when spring arrives! The not so good: Breaking the serene landscape, weedy and invasive plants emerge to fill whatever space […]

Adjuvants 101: Nonionic Surfactants

Managers of land and aquatic systems have something in common. That is, they must manage vegetation at some point during the year. Perhaps it is weedy plants in crops, unwanted plants in lakes or ponds, invasive plants on rangelands, or unwanted vegetation in forest undergrowth. For each of these instances, control of plants is the […]