Optimize Your Weed and Brush Control with Silnet 200

black background animated process of wetting - silnet 200 weed and brush

Chances are you are reading this article because you have a weed or brush problem that you want to control, and you are looking for a superior adjuvant that will give you the best result. Selecting the right adjuvant to add to your herbicide is a critical step that allows you to optimize control of […]

I’Vod – A Superior Spray Drift Control Adjuvant

pesticide spray drift wide place - spray drift control adjuvant

Pesticides are used by people and intentionally applied to the environment for the purpose of improving the quality of life for humans, domesticated animals, and plants. Because we are highly dependent on pesticides for our existence, one challenge we continuously must deal with is spray drift.  What is spray drift? When herbicides are applied, spray […]

Brewer 90-10 Surfactant for Excellent Vegetation Management

Vegetation & Forestry Management

Vegetation management involves identifying weedy and invasive species and responding to potential threats to the desirable aspects of the habitat/ecosystem. For example: Utility service lines such as water supply, sewage, electricity, and telecommunications are laid out in areas dominated by vegetation. Consequently, utility companies must ensure that their services reach customers uninterrupted, while at the […]