When you think of surfactants, spray adjuvants and basal carriers, Brewer International was there first. Brewer International first introduced the "original" Cide-Kick, which is used with foliar herbicides and diesel for basal bark penetration.  Brewer International then combined Cide-Kick with basal oil to create JLB Oil Plus and JLB Oil Plus Improved.

Today, in addition to the above products, Brewer International is working closely with its distributors to provide a wide range of adjuvants available for the forestry market which include:

  • Site prep
  • Herbaceous weed control
  • Release
  • Foliar
  • Basal bark
  • Dormant stem            

Brewer International has many choices in nonionic oil surfactants and organosilicones.  Their adjuvants play a key role in improving herbicide performance.

Site Preparation:
Before planting a tract of land, it is necessary to prepare it by controlling competing species of plants with the right herbicide/adjuvant combination.

Herbaceous Weed Control:
From the time a tract is planted and until the pine plantation has reached 2 years old, grasses and weeds must be controlled with the right herbicide/adjuvant combination.

Pine Release:
Releasing pine strands from hardwood competition will yield better growth. The right combination of a release herbicide/adjuvant makes this possible.

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