Surfactants, penetrants, drift control agents, defoamers, equipment cleaners, micronutrients and copper pesticides are being used by growers all around the world.  From the citrus market in Florida and Brazil, to the wheat fields of Kansas, and to the bread basket of Europe (Ukraine), Brewer International's products are present meeting many different needs in the agricultural market.

Brewer International specializes in allowing the farmer to use less pesticide and more natural ingredients to get results that provide a good crop at an economical price.  Our surfactants are nonionic and compatible with most pesticides and herbicides.  They can be applied through aerial application or by low volume spray application.  Penetrants will especially help penetrate the waxy leaf surface of the weed, allowing better uptake of the pesticide or herbicide.

Cide-Kick, Silenergy, Sun Wet, Sun Control, Poly Film-R, Copguard, Downpour and Surfactant pH with Nitrogen are products to consider.

Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets can be found under the "Products" section of our website.