Brewer International manufactures spray adjuvants for many different markets:  Agriculture, Aquatics, Forestry, Golf & Turf, Mitigation, Rights-of-Way, Industrial Cleaning, Nursery and Irrigation. The business, established in 1973 by Paul Brewer, was operated by brothers Steve and Jim Brewer for over 30 years.  The company is currently owned and operated by Steve Brewer, the President of the company.  Brewer International is located on 6.5 acres in Vero Beach, Florida.  Being located in the heart of the citrus industry is ideal for the company, which uses limonene in many formulations.  Limonene is a low-viscosity, natural oil derived from the peel of citrus fruit. Brewer International offers many spray adjuvants for penetration, sticking, wetting, lowering pH, drift control, defoaming and basal bark applications.  These adjuvants can be used with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Custom blending and private labeling are also available.
Water Conditioner has been used to improve spray solutions and make mixes more compatible.  Improvement in inverting, foliar applications, all markets including aquatics.
Brewer is looking forward to celebrating 46 years in business in 2019.  At 50, expect a huge celebration!